Tigers News · Tiger of The Week: Jason Schieber

What It Means To Be Tiger of the Week

The Tiger of the Week must be an exemplary individual not only on the field/court, but also in the classroom. A Tiger of the Week will be honored every Wednesday. You will be able to view the Tigers of the Week under the Tiger HQ tab. 


  • Standout performance in sport of choice
  • Respect of your teachers and other students
  • Excellence in the classroom

Union City Tiger freshman Jason Schieber is being honored the very first ever Tiger of the week award for his accomplishments on and off the field. Jason is involved in baseball, basketball and an FFA Member. He pitched a complete game against Am-po Jr High and only allowed 2 runs. This week in High School he went 4-9, scored 3 runs, walked twice, and got an extra base hit. He is a hard worker and is dedicated to the blue and white. Congratulations to Jason Schieber for being our inaugural Tiger of the Week!


Edited By: Taylor Fewell