Tigers News · Tiger of the Week: Rylee Loudermilk

What It Means To Be Tiger of the Week

The Tiger of the Week must be an exemplary individual not only on the field/court, but also in the classroom. A Tiger of the Week will be displayed every Wednesday.


  • Standout performance in sport of choice
  • Respect of your teachers and other students
  • Excellence in the classroom
  • Good Citizen

This weeks Tiger of the week is 8th grader Rylee Loudermilk. Rylee is being recognized for the hard work she puts towards her school work and sports. Rylee has helped her Lady Tigers to a 13-1 record. She has started on the 7th and 8th grade and Junior High teams the entire season. She is reliable and a hard working student in the classroom. Coach Anderson added “Rylee has progressed and matured a lot as a player the past two years.” Congratulations to Rylee Loudermilk for being our Tiger of the Week!