Multiple Teams · Tiger of the Week: Kennedy Sepulvado

What It Means To Be Tiger of the Week

The Tiger of the Week must be an exemplary individual not only on the field/court, but also in the classroom. A Tiger of the Week will be displayed every Thursday.


  • Standout performance in sport of choice
  • Respect of your teachers and other students
  • Excellence in the classroom
  • Good Citizen

This weeks Tiger of the Weeks is Junior, Kennedy Sepulvado. Kennedy has been a starting forward on the high school basketball team since her freshman year. Over the years she has done nothing but improve not only in sports but excelling in her school work! Coach Anderson said “Kennedy is a great offensive and defensive re-bounder and helps keep the offense running smoothly.” Kennedy is a three sport athlete and still maintains to keep her grades at all A’s. Congratulations to Kennedy Sepulvado for being this weeks Tiger of the Week!