Multiple Teams · Tiger of the Week: Xavier Morales

What It Means To Be Tiger of the Week

The Tiger of the Week must be an exemplary individual not only on the field/court, but also in the classroom. A Tiger of the Week will be displayed every Thursday.


  • Standout performance in sport of choice
  • Respect of your teachers and other students
  • Excellence in the classroom
  • Good Citizen

This weeks Tiger of the Week is Sophomore Xavier Morales! Union City played Ringwood for the District Championship. The game was tied with only 3 seconds left in the game when Xavier hit a 3 at the buzzer for the win! This was one of the most historical shots in recent UC basketball history. Morales has been a starter for the high school basketball team since his freshmen year. He is involved in basketball, blessing buddies and student council. Xavier is dedicated to his sports and his school work. He is a straight A student, phenomenal athlete, and an all around great person. Below is the video of the game winning shot. Congratulations to Xavier Morales.