Multiple Teams · Chiefs Crush Tigers

The Union City boys and girls teams traveled out of town for the Calumet Tournament, where both teams would play the Darlington Chiefs. At tip off of the girls’ game, Darlington swooped in and got first possession. The players hustled up and down the floor, Union City got multiple shots inside the lane but couldn’t finish. After only scoring 5 points in the first half, Coach Anderson talked to the players about keeping their effort levels high and to keep getting inside shots. The girls came back out to score 4 points, all of which were free throws. Those shots were made by 8th graders Taytim Woods and Kailee Jackson. After the fourth quarter started, Coach subbed in some younger girls who came out with determination and fire. They came in and score 6 points to end the game. The final score was Darlington winning 27-16.

The Union City boys came into the game with lots of energy in hopes to move on in the tournament. Freshmen Tyler Ross and Kaydon Bornemann were the only two for the Tigers to score in the 1st quarter. Ross with 2 points and Kaydon with 3. The Chiefs defense and offense was impenetrable and stayed that way most of the game. The Chiefs scored 19 the first quarter with  #4 leading with 7 points. The second quarter started off with Tyler Ross draining two free throws and then making a three pointer in the third quarter. The Chiefs added on to their score with 14 points in both second and third quarter. The fourth quarter started and Rustin Dawson came off the bench playing physical and got fouled making one of his two free throws. Tyler Norton and Braydon Armstrong scored two points a piece making Union City’s final score 15 and Darlington’s final score 60.

Both teams will be back in action on Thursday in the second round of the tournament. They will play at 4:00 and 5:15. Go Tigers!