Tigers News · Tigers Split 7th and 8th Grade Battle

By Emily Loughridge

The Tigers invited the  Patriots to play another good game in Tiger Arena. The crowds started out quiet, but got rowdier as the game went on. Tip off didn’t seem to go the Tiger’s way, with SWC getting the tip, but it flew right into Taytim Woods’s hands and ended with a layup for the home team. In the first minute of the game, the Tigers had  a huge lead, with the girls getting layup after layup. Taytim Woods, 8th grader, was the highest not only in the first quarter but also in the game, she had 6 points in the first quarter alone and had doubled that by the time the final buzzer rang.

It was an exciting matchup, both teams playing their hardest, the ball seemed to stay at one team’s end for multiple plays before finally drifting to the other and repeating itself. Savanah Walker not only busted a 3 pointer in the second, but also got two layups. Taytim Woods also got many more layups, weaving through the defense easily. At the end of the first half the score was Union City leading 23-4, but the Patriots didn’t give up easily in the last half of the game.

Coach Anderson had wanted this game to be a learning experience for a lot of the younger girls, making them play different places and making them run many different plays. He asked if they were up to it, and all nodded, determined to get another win in the books.  The girls went out there and played extremely hard, trying to get steals and add more points to their big lead. The Patriots took advantage of their youth and got points on the boards.

The Tigers were not going to let them catch back up and so they fought hard, hustling back and forth, play after play. Getting the win wasn’t easy, but it was worth it in the end. The final score was 31-18, and the Tigers were proud to have the support of their community and to add another win in the books.

The Tigers will be back in action against Binger on Dec. 4th , the game starts @6:30. Which cat do you think will take the win??


By: Brynn Barger

The junior high boys had a 7th and 8th grade game Monday night against the Southwest Covenant Patriots. The game started with Caleb McSpadden losing the opening tip off and from there on the boys struggled to keep up with the Patriots offense. In the first quarter 8th grader Jaden Straka scored the only 3 point shot of the night. The Patriots had a 16-3 lead after one. In the second quarter Braydon Armstrong shot put 2 more points on the board for the Tigers. The boys stepped up their defense only letting the Patriots score 8 point making the score at halftime 24-5.

  In the third quarter Jaden Straka scored 4 points and then a free throw from Rustin Dawson putting the Tigers score up to 11 points. In the last quarter there was only one point scored by Blake Ross. The ending score was 44-12.