Girls Middle School Basketball · Having Heart Goes the Distance

Union City Junior High hosted the Binger Bobcats in the Tiger Arena and they were hoping for a big win. The night started out with both girls and boys playing a 7/8th game, and then followed by the junior high teams making an appearance. The junior high teams haven’t played a game since before Thanksgiving break, and so they were stoked to get back on the court. Sadly, the 7/8th girls fumbled a win against the Bobcats, but it only made the older girls more determined to win in the next game.

The Tigers came out a little slow, trying to get back into the rhythm, and only freshman, Anyssa Morales, scored in the first quarter. The second quarter was better for the Tigers, keeping up their defense and limiting the Bobcats score, but also bumping their own score up. Some good plays were made, but the Tigers still trailed going into half time with a score of 16-11. Coach Anderson made a point in the locker room that it was still a close game, this game could still be won. Both teams knew that it was going to be close, and neither was giving up anytime soon.

The third quarter seemed to take forever, dragging on as both teams played good defense and offense, the Tigers were better at breaking their defense though and they scored 11 points in that quarter alone. Some very big plays kept the momentum swinging in the Tiger’s direction, such as freshman, Laila Goad, busting a long three in the third. The fourth quarter came and went, both teams added 6 more points to their score, making it a tie game and sending them into over-time.

With over-time only being 2 minutes long, the Tigers knew they needed to get ahead and do it quickly. They drew up some new plays and put them into action. Changing up their defense multiple times, and keeping the Bobcats at bay. Both crowds were on their feet, hoping and cheering that their team would pull ahead.The Tiger offense was on fire with freshman, Anyssa Morales, putting 2 more points up and 8th grader, Kailee Jackson, also bumped the score up. The final score was 32-28, the Tigers had heart and it showed in that game.

The leading scorer was freshman, Anyssa Morales, with 16 points, which was half on the Tiger’s final score. Following her was freshman, Laila Goad, with 2 threes and an inside shot, equaling 8 points total. Also freshman, Emily Loughridge, and 8th grader, Kailee Jackson, scored with 2 points apiece.