Tigers News · ‘Tis the Season

By Emily Loughridge

The Tigers had a very busy night with Banner, both teams got to play 6 games. The last 3/4th and 5/6th game was played in the Tiger Arena, there was a huge crowd and lots of cheering. It was an important season for everyone because the community got to see the Tiger Arena, and it was a learning year for every player and coach. The 3/4th games were exciting to watch as the players hustled up and down the court, shooting shots, and all around having fun. The parents and families had fun watching their children play with so much energy, and probably glad that the kids were exhausted after the game.

The 5/6th graders have a little bit more experience and was little faster paced game. The girls played their hardest in their final game of this season, and for some their elementary career. It is well known fact that it is a big jump from elementary ball to junior high ball, but these girls are ready to tackle the challenge. The girls did end on a win, with a final score of 9-6. The boys came out ready to play their last game as well. The game was close during both halves, with the kids red in the face but still ready to play. JD Riley made a free throw to send them into over-time. Over-time went fast and Banner scored on a free throw, causing the Tigers to lose.

The last few games of the night were 7/8th, and they still had adrenaline pumping form their Monday games. The girls came out a little slow, but then they shot out and scored multiple baskets. With their lead gaining in the second half, Coach Anderson subbed in his younger girls to get experience. They played hard, but Banner slowly slipped back into the gate. Union City didn’t let them all the way back in, and with a final score of 35-20, the Tigers won again.  The highest sorer was 8th grader, Kailee Jackson, with 20 points, followed by 8th grader, Taytim Woods, with 12 points, and finally 7th grader, Bereniz Pizano, with 3 points.

The boys came out with fire, ready to win, ready to score. Jaden Straka commented, that when they pressed they left the post wide open, and so he would drive in, pass the ball to the open post, and quick points were made. Those quick bumps were not enough to get them ahead of the Bombers though.  Dawson Schroder also said that they trailed between 2-5 points the entire game, at least until the last quarter when Banner pulled ahead.  The highest scorer was 8th grader, Dawson Schroder, with 10 points, and 8th grader, Rustin Dawson, followed closely with 7 points.