Multiple Teams · Rockin’ Around the Minco Tournament

By Emily Loughridge

The Tigers traveled to Minco, hoping to dominate the Bulldog Classic. The ladies were up first and they started playing Lookeba. The Tigers started off behind, trailing at half time 21-16, but they came back out in the next half on fire. Playing hard to get on top, making good plays, and it all payed off when they won 35-31. The next game was against the Minco  Lady Bulldogs, where the girls started ahead and gained a lead in the first half, but then the game slipped through their fingers in the last half, with an ending score of 51-39. Their final game was their last chance at some hardware, and they knew that Hydro would be a good game. Hydro gained a quick lead in the first few quarters, not wanting to leave without a trophy kept the Tigers going. They were determined to push themselves and to push each other, but in the end it was just shy of getting them there, it was a final score of 58-33.

The highest score over all games was Hunter Johnson with a total of 29 points, followed by Alex Chipps with a total of 18.

Cordell was going to be a good match for the Tiger boys, a tough first game but they were ready for the challenge. The Tigers started out trailing by a few points, but these Tigers had heart, they pushed and pushed the entire game, and not only catching up but getting ahead. In the last quarter, the Tigers were ahead by one point. With seconds let they thought they had the game, but Cordell threw a hail mary pass. The buzzer sounded as the ball left the player’s finger tips, it sailed through the air, and swished through the net with ease. The player had jacked a three and Cordell won the game by two points, the score was 57-55. The Tigers moved onto play Central Marlow, the boys gained an early lead and got the win with a score of 69-53. The last game, which if won could end up with the Tigers being the Consolation Champs, was against Hinton. The boys were ready, wanting a trophy, the boys took an earl lead. The lead that kept gaining and gaining through the entire game, Hinton didn’t stand a chance against the vicious Tigers.

The highest scorer of the tournament was Xavier Morales with 57 total points, followed by Cail Williams with 35, and also Nando Pizano with 29 points.