Tigers News · Good Tidings We Bring to You and Your Team

By Emily Loughridge

The Lomega Raiders traveled down to the Tiger Arena for the jr. high’s last game before the holiday break. The Lady Tigers came out a little slow and sloppy in the first quarter, causing the Raiders to jump ahead in score. The Tigers might have started sloppy, but they cleaned it up quickly, and they pulled themselves out of the hole they had dug. The Tigers were not far behind at half time, only trailing by a few points. Coach Anderson kept pushing his players to keep fighting hard, knowing that this game was not lost yet. The ladies set up in a press breaker that broke the Raiders press easily, and it ended up with easy buckets for the Tigers. The Tigers kept Lomega on their toes, switching their defenses and running multiple offenses. Slowly, Lomega extended their lead, even though the Tigers had kept it a close game. The Tigers could not catch back up in the end, and the final score was 48-35.

After the game, Coach Anderson talked to his girls, talking about how tough teams are hard to beat. He said that teams, like Lomega, present a challenge and it really shows you what you are made of. He asked if the girls if they were the type to stand down or fight back, and he said that tonight the Lady Tigers fought back.

Make sure you put January 11 on your calendar, because that is the Tiger’s next game at 4:30.  Wishing everyone a good break, happy holidays, and a great New Year!!