Tigers News · Union City Battles in Tough Tourn.

The Union City basketball teams participated in the Hammon Tournament this weekend after coming back from Christmas Break.


The Lady Warriors were going to be a challenge for the Lady Tigers, but the Tigers did not stand down. The first quarter was close with the Tigers trailing by one, the following quarters were much the same. The final score was 55 to 44, a close game but the it didn’t go the Tiger’s way. The Tiger’s leading scorer was Alex Chipps with 17 points, and followed by Hunter Johnson with 13 points.  The Patriots and the Tigers faced off in the next game, another close one. Union City came out ready to play, and they almost took the lead. The game was back and forth, but in the end the Tigers could not get the win. The final score was 53 to 46, with Hunter Johnson being the leading scorer.

The Lady Tiger’s final game was against the Binger Bobcats, a game where they took the lead early. Both teams wanted to win this game, it was truly a cat fight. The Tigers clawed their way to the top, winning the game 39 to 30. Hunter Johnson was the leading scorer with 14 points.


The first game for the Tigers was against the Beavers, the game started off with the the Tigers having a commanding lead over the Dusters. The Tigers got the lead and the left the Dusters in the dust. The final score was 75 to 44. The leading scorer was Xavier Morales and he was followed closely by Nando Pizano. Their next game was an exciting one, a close game until the end. Lomega was ahead by very little the entire game, but the Tigers did not give into the pressure. They fought until the final buzzer with a final score of 64 to 53, the Tigers trailing by a few points.

Hammon was the final obstacle between the Tigers and a trophy. The Tigers came out of the gate with determination, they took the lead and kept pushing. Union City took an impressive lead, and they won the game with a final score of 66 to 55. Xavier Morales was the Tiger’s leading scorer, and Cail Williams followed him up.

Congratulations to Xavier Morales for being named to the Hammon All-Tournament Team.