Tigers News · JH games come down to the wire

The Union City Junior High squads took on the Calumet Chieftans on Monday, January 22nd. This was coming off of an almost week long break due to the flu. Regardless of the previous conditions, the Tigers came ready to fight.

The JH Lady Tigers started the night off with a 2 point lead on the Lady Chieftans by the end of the first quarter. The girls struggled to keep their lead continuing into the game, falling behind 14-10 by halftime. Despite their efforts, they relentlessly lacked to fill the gap, the score being 21-18 by the end of the third quarter. The Lady Tigers had trouble in the fourth quarter, letting the Chieftans gain 10 points, losing the game 31-24. Our offense was led by Freshman, Anyssa Morales, with 10 points. Followed by 8th grader, Kailee Jackson, with 6 points.

The JH Tigers had a long lasting night. They began the game by barely falling behind 11-8 in the first quarter. Although, the boys in blue never gave up. They tied the game 24-24 by halftime. By the time the third quarter was over, the Tigers were up on the Chieftans by 1, the score being 28-27. The boys fought hard to keep their lead throughout the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, the Chieftans were determined to make a comeback. The score was 40-40 leading into overtime. Within the 2 minutes of intense overtime, the Tigers put up another 4 points, with the Chieftans trailing behind with a mere 3 points. The game finally came to an end, with the Tigers winning the tough battle 44-43. Freshman, Tyler Ross, dropped an immense 29 points. Followed by 8th grader, Jaden Straka, with 9 points.

The Union City Junior High teams’ next game is on Monday, January 29th, at Lookeba Sickles. Come out and support!