Tigers News · Don’t Be In Such a Foul Mood!

The Tiger teams took the long journey to Lookeba- Sickles, hoping to return with two more wins in the books. The Lady Tigers started by winning the tip, and went to score immediately. It was a back and forth quarter, both teams putting more and more points up. The Tigers had trouble in the beginning, their passes were sloppy and they were in a rush to score. Union City, despite their eagerness, kept the game close by only trailing by one at the end of the half, the score was 19 to 18.

After talking at halftime, they knew they needed to get control of the game’s tempo and slow it down. It worked, when the Tigers slowed the game down they got better shots. Both teams scored nine points in the third, and again Union City trailed by one. The fourth quarter came and went in a blur, the Tigers were mostly on defense and they were protecting their small lead. The clock ran down as Anyssa Morales threw a long pass to Laila Goad and made a lay up to extend their lead.

The final score was 37 to 32, another win in the books for the Lady Tigers. By the end of the game, three of the Lady Tigers had fouled out, and as a team the Lady Tigers had 22 fouls. The Lady Tiger’s leading scorer was a three way tie between Anyssa Morales, Laila Goad, and Taytim Woods and they all had 9 points apiece.

The boys were up next, but like the Lady Tigers, they came out a little slow. It was a rough first quarter, with the Tigers trailing 11 to 2, but they were not just going to give up. In the second quarter, both Tyler Ross and Brayden Armstrong busted a 3-pointer. Lookeba went on a run and left the Tigers behind, at the end of the half it was 27 to 10. Union City came back out, and made some more shots, but in the end it wasn’t enough. The final score was 50 to 20, the Tiger’s leading scorer was Tyler Ross with 7 points and he was followed by Brayden Armstrong with 5 points.

Head to the Tiger Arena on Jan. 30 to catch your local Tigers in action, Corn Bible Academy is coming out to play our JH and HS teams!! Don’t be late, the JH girls start at 4pm! If you can’t make this game, please come and support your Tiger teams for their last game, which is also at the Tiger Arena. It is Feb. 5 against Santa Fe South, it starts at 6:30pm!!

By: Emily Loughridge