Tigers News · The Last Stand

The last game of the JH season has come and gone, and with both teams securing a win. Both teams played their hearts out, because three of the girls and five of the boys will never play another JH game. The freshmen have finished their last JH game, and are getting ready to play for HS next year. Good luck in HS next year to Anyssa Morales, Laila Goad, Emily Loughridge, Tyler Ross, Kaydon Bornemann, Teagan Oaks, Joey Jessup, and Carson Frost.

The Ladies came out with fire, wanting to beat Santa Fe South because they had lost to them earlier in the season, redemption was coming. After winning the tip off, the Tigers got some quick points. The Tigers got an early lead, which they maintained throughout the game. The first quarter ended with the Ladies ahead by one point, and by halftime the Ladies had made some powerful plays and increased their lead.

The teams went into the third quarter with a score of 24 to 17, the Lady Saints tried to catch back up, even bringing the score within one point of each other. Yet, the Tigers stepped up and made the shots that were needed to win the game. After playing until the final buzzer, the Lady Tigers chalked up another win with a final score of 43 to 36. The highest scorer was Anyssa Morales, with 19 points and she was followed by Kailee Jackson who had 10 points.

The Tigers, who were also determined to win, came out with a strong first quarter. After driving in and scoring many quick shots, the Tigers gained a huge lead. Their scoring stayed consistent throughout the entire game, with the Saints falling farther and farther behind. By halftime, the score was 34 to 20. The second half was a little slower to get started, but the boys came back and kept ahead of the Saints. It was a quick last quarter, with both teams scoring little. This was another win in the books for the Tigers, with a final score of 50 to 27. The leading scorer was Tyler Ross with 16 points and he was followed by Teagan Oaks with 8 points.