Girls Middle School Softball · Lady Tigers battle the Red Devils

The Union City Lady Tigers traveled to Ringwood on Monday evening. The Lady Tigers showed up ready for a fight but fell short by one run in both games. With a final score of 10-9 in the first game and 12-11 in the second.

The Lady Tigers had eight hits in the first game. Taytim Woods started the night with an amazing triple. Taytim led the night with four hits followed by Kylie McCoy with three. The Lady Tigers tore up the base paths, stealing a total of twelve bases in the first game.

Emily Griggs, and MaKenna Delong both made appearances on the mound in the first game. Emily Griggs struck out three only allowing one hit, and MaKenna Delong struck out four only allowing two hits in the first game. The Lady Tigers fell short of one run in the first game making the final score 10-9, but never gave up in the fight.

Kaitlyn Linson, and Megan Fairless both made an appearance on the rubber in the second game. Kaitlyn Linson struck out one allowing three hits, and Megan Fairless only allowed two hits in the second game.

Bereniz Pizano, Bailee Jackson, Savannah Walker and Kailee Jackson combined for four hits on the evening. Savannah Walker and Bereniz Pizano both had amazing triples in the first game. The Lady Tigers all did amazing in the base path as seven players stole at least two bases. Savannah Walker had the led stealing a total of four bases in the second game.  Morgan Carel ended the second game with a total of three hits followed by Nikki Parks with two.

The Lady Tigers fought back all night staying up with Ringwood but fell short again in the second game of the night with a final score of 12-11.

The Lady Tigers will be back in action Tuesday, August 28th in Calumet beginning at 4:30.