Multiple Teams · Tigers Play Second in Calumet Tournament

The Tigers participated in the Calumet Tournament this weekend, eventually taking second place. The Tigers started out with Cement, winning with a final score of 19-11. Union played well getting a total of 16 hits, Bryson Hays, junior, leading the team with a total of 4 hits.

The boys continued on towards the trophy with the next game against Ninnekah. The Tigers took another win over the Owls, with a final score of 15-3. After dominating Ninnekah, the Tigers took on Calumet. The Tigers had a no hit game, losing 16-0.

Union City took on Ninnekah for a second time. The final score was 14-6, favoring the boys in blue. The Tigers had a total of 6 hits, with Jason Schieber, senior, leading the team. For the championship game, the Tigers took on Calumet again. Union took another hard hit, losing 12-2. The Tigers only managed 3 hits.

The Tigers will be back in action September 20th in district playoffs. Come support your local Tigers!!