Boys Varsity Basketball, Girls Varsity Basketball · Make UC Student Sections Great Again

As the 2018-2019 basketball season approaches, the newly elected UC Student Council have been throwing ideas together to make a better more fun student section at our home basketball games. Our student sections will be themed this year to grab the attention of our student body to come out and support our Union City Tigers and Lady Tigers.

In the way back years of Cody Schmidt and Jordan Benge, (or as we know them as Coach Schmidt and Coach Benge) students were very involved at all sporting events. Schmidt stated that their student section years of 2003-2005 was “amazing, the greatest thing that has happened to this school.” Legend has it, they would have 20-25 people in every student section with faces painted at every game, home and away. Benge said, “We were known all over. People would cheer when we walked into the building.” They were commonly known as “The Posse”. They even had News Channel 4 write a story about them. Shaler Tate, another member of “The Posse” said “CJS was a paradigm shifting event for Union City. It changed the way the entire community supported their school. Pictures of CJS were plastered everywhere. Other schools tried to replicate and challenge us only to be soundly defeated each time. CJS and the Posse were truly a way of life…”

 CJS was the group of Cody, Jordan, and Shaler.

Lately, in the Union City student section, it has been lacking a large number of participants. STUCO is trying to come together to make our student section great again, with the help of our students, we can! STUCO is striving to make our student section as crazy as those in the past years of Union City. STUCO will be bringing new themes to the school to show your school spirit at games. We hope to see everyone decked out in the theme of that night and our student section to be rockin’.  See you Nov. 6th for our home opener for the 2018-2019 season with the “space jam” theme!


Nov. 6th – space jam, Nov. 9th – 90’s, Nov. 16th -Hawaiian, Nov. 30th – neon night “lymphoma awareness” with Minco @Minco, Dec 11th- rock n roll, Dec 18th – 80’s, Jan 4th – western, Jan 16th – UC spirit night homecoming, Jan 29th – senior citizen senior night.