Boys Varsity Basketball · Union City Wins The Tiger Fight

After starting out there season 0-1 the Union City Tigers were bound and determined to get a win. They played the Verden Tigers on Tuesday in Tiger Arena. The final score was 52-43 in favor of Union City. Sophomore, Tyler Ross showed out and led the team with 23 points and Jason Schieber with 14.

In the first quarter both teams started out slow. Union City finished the quarter with only 8 points. Jason Schieber and Bryson Hays both having 4 points. Verden on the other hand went into the bonus early. Scoring 5 of their 12 points from the stripe. Verden’s Nick Smith and Garrett Brown both had 2 points, while Ethan Dolch hit a three at the top of the key. 

The second quarter started out with Verden taking a six point lead putting them up 23-17. That’s when Tyler Ross stepped up and scored seven straight points after knocking down 4 free throws to keep the Union City in the game. The game went to halftime Union City Tigers leading the Verden Tigers 24-23.

Coming out with a head of steam, the Tigers stepped up and took a 12 point lead, which didn’t last very long. By the end of the quarter the score was 37-36 Union City. 

By the 4th quarter both teams were in the bonus. Verden was down by 3 with about a minute and a half to go. They began fouling at hopes to claw their way back into the game. However, the Tigers didn’t miss a single free-throw in the 4th quarter.  In a game full of everything,  Union City claimed their first win.

This Friday the Union City Tigers will face off against the Binger-Oney Bobcats.  Be sure to come out to the Tiger Arena and support both the girls and boys!!