Tigers News · Hunter Johnson: 1000 Point Club

Senior, Hunter Johnson, recently reached the 1000 point mark in her career at Union City High School.

As a freshmen, Johnson only scored 24 total points while coming off the bench, but only one year later she had the opportunity to start, and that is when the point totals started to add up. In her junior season, Johnson averaged 18 points a game, and this year she has averaged 16.

After speaking with Hunter, she realized that she was getting close to 1000 points after seeing stats in the newspaper after last season. Although she set a personal goal to reach it, she put her team goals above her personal goals. She stated “I was just going to play and let it be.” Then at the Hammon Tournament, she was able to hit 1000 point milestone.

She was very gracious in thanking her teammates and coach the past four years who have helped her. “I could not have done it by myself,” Johnson said.

Johnson plans on attending Redlands Community College to complete her basics and then will attend SWOSU to pursue a bachelor’s degree and go through the OTA program. She then hopes to attend the University of Oklahoma to get her master’s degree and become an occupational therapist.