Tigers News · Lady Tigers Mid Season Recap

By: Allison Kaulaity

The Union City Lady Tigers are racking up games by the weeks. They jumped out early by beating the Geary Bison on Friday, March 1. Chelsea Morgan, lead off, started off with a home run followed by Melodie Turk and then Arin Karbs.

The ladies won both games against Calumet on March 5. The Union City Ladies got big swings right away when Brionah O’Neal hit a home run in the first inning. The Lady Tigers ended the first game with a total of 13 runs, and Calumet with 3.  On to the second game, the girls got another victory against the Calumet girls, 10-2, with hits from Melodie Turk, Kenadee Belcher, Livia Nelson, and Sabrie Locke.

The ladies hosted two teams, Fletcher and Destiney Christian, on March 8. The Tigers started off ahead against Destiny Christian, thanks to a home run from Sabrie Locke. UC left Destiny Christian behind with the final score 13-2. The Lady Tigers sat a game, then soon after played Fletcher where they lost 12-2.

The Dibble Festival was canceled due to the heavy rain and storms. Later that  Friday, March 15, the ladies traveled to Ringwood for a big tourney. They played OBA, where they dominated in the field and offensively ending the game with 9-0. However, the ladies got it handed to them against Merritt. The ladies struggled defensively, by the third inning the ladies had scored 5 runs. The final score was 17-6. Which left the Tigers with only one elimination left to spare. The games moved up which made the ladies play again that day against Frontier. The first inning Frontier scored 3, but that’s all they managed. The ladies got it going and finished the game with 13-3.

Allison Kaulaity and Chelsea Morgan flash the camera a smile, with Elisa Viacava photo bombing in the back!

Lady Tigers then played Okarche, where they got things going in the first inning. Union City got things tied up at the bottom of first. Livia Nelson put the ball in the strike zone all game, but Okarche managed 20 hits. The ladies played well and stayed with the Okarche Warriors. However, the game ended with 8-5, putting the Union City Girls out of the tourney.

Over spring break Union City fell to Riverside. The Lady Tigers kept up but the Riverside Indians got a hold of the ball, leaving the ladies behind with the score 12-6.

On March 25, the girls had a busy day ahead of them that they weren’t aware of, playing a total of 5 games back to back at the Grady County Tournament. The Tigers’ first game was against the Minco Bulldogs. The game tied at the bottom of the fifth, with 9-9, but soon the Bulldogs scored off of errors leaving the ladies behind and final score 17-9. The tournament is a double elimination, which meant the ladies couldn’t let another game go by with errors.

The next game went by fast when Allison Kaulaity got 2 runs in by scoring a double in the first inning. The second inning was a big one for the Tigers, scoring 6 runs by Melodie Turk, Kenadee Belcher, Livia Nelson, and Arin Karbs. The girls left Ninnekah in the dust with only 1 run and Union with 12. UC moved on to their third game of the day against the Dibble Demons. Union City got the bats swinging right away and by the third inning, the Tigers had scored 11, with a big inning contributed by Chelsea Morgan, Allison Kaulaity, Kenadee Belcher, Brionah O’Neal, and Arin Karbs. The defense was on their toes, and let nothing get passed or drop. The Union City dominated and gained another W, and left another team in the dust, with the end score 16-3.

Moving up on the bracket the girls face the Minco Lady Bulldogs again. The UC Tigers took the field first, Minco came out strong but the ladies kept up, by the bottom of the first inning it was tied 1-1. The game was a nail biter for both sides. By the bottom fourth the Tigers had 8 runs and Minco 4, the Bulldogs scored two more in the bottom of fifth, while the Tigers played strong defense. The game was a close one, but the Tigers came out on top with 9-7, putting Minco Bulldogs out.

As you can tell these Lady Tigers can’t resist having some fun, even if it is during the middle of the game!

In the last game of the day, the girls went out to face Am-Po in the championship game. The girls got bats swinging but Am-Po was hot in the field flipping a double play, and diving for line drives. The Tigers also played with a strong defense, but still came up short with a total of 2 runs off the bat by Sabrie Locke, and Am-Po 10. In the end, the Union City Lady Tigers came Runner-up in the Grady County Tournament, with Am-Po in first.

Tuesday evening, the ladies went to Calumet and played a 3-way again with Crooked- Oak. The girls won both games, 2-0 against Calumet, and 12-0 against Crooked- Oak. The girls are excited about the rest they’ll be getting for the next couple of days, but can’t wait to get back out there.