Boys Varsity Basketball · Tigers Prep for 2019-2020 Season

 By: Katelynn Parker, and Joshua Morrison


The Tigers have been busy preparing for their season opener, which is doubling as homecoming this year. The boys have a pretty large team this year with 19 players, 18 of those returning from previous years.

 This season their team is working on growing from their past mistakes. The boys are really emphasizing teamwork. The Tigers are returning four of last season’s starters: Seniors, Nando Pizano, Bryson Hays, Hunter Horton, and Junior, Tyler Ross. The boys have six seniors for the 2019/2020 season, which include: Pizano, Hays, Horton, Keegan Cummings, Reed Miller, and Carson Logan. Nando Pizano stated that “This year I am looking to go to area, and take things game by game. I want our guys to play as a team and we’ll see where we take things.” Some of these boys have been playing together since the third grade. 

Head Coach Robert Duvall has been coaching for quite a long time. He is coming up on his second year coaching at Union City. Duvall came out of retirement to come back and coach our Tigers last year. He’s got his feet wet and is beginning to get comfortable in his second year here. When asked what he was looking to work on this Coach Duvall said: “ defense wins games.” The Tigers are glad to have Duvall as part of their family. 

The 19/20 team is strong in number and drive. The Tigers are looking to work together and do the best they can, taking things one day at a time. The boys are ready to get out on the court and show what they can do. Come see what these boys do on Friday night at the Tiger Arena.