Tigers News · Looking Back at Lady Tiger’s Season

By: Katelynn Parker and Joshua Morrison

The Lady Tigers have finished their 2019/2020 season. These eight girls went out on the court and proved themselves even though they were a little a team, they were stronger than most. Sophomore, Taytim Woods, made All-Tournament not once, but twice this season. When looking back on the season, Woods stated “I think we did better than what everyone expected. We definitely grew better as a team going deeper into the season and I hope we keep getting better for the next season.” The Lady Tigers went 11-13 this season. 

Woods led the team in scoring with a season total of 18 points per game. Woods led the team in assists with 79 over the season, and she led in steals with 113. The team is graduating one senior, Erica Rodgers, who will be very missed. The Lady Tigers also credit their managers, sophomore, Justice Jones, and senior, Brionah O’Neal, for their success this season. Jones and O’Neal were dedicated to their team, even stepping in during practice when they were short-handed. Junior, Laila Goad, led the Lady Tigers in rebounds with a whopping 197 season total. 

The future looks bright for the Lady Tigers. Sophomores, Kailee Jackson, Bailee Jackson, Kami Leonard and Katie Hadding and Jordan Schmidt logged multiple minutes this season. These girls will be were and will be a vital piece of next years success.

This was Coach Daniel Anderson’s 14th year coaching, ninth at Union City. When asked how he felt about this year’s season he stated, “I hope the girls are proud of their basketball season. I can guarantee you I’m very proud of them. This group was so committed to practicing every day with energy and intensity, and they had a very positive chemistry which makes my job a lot more fun. We try not to put too much stock into what everybody on the outside predicts our team to do before the season starts, but I’m pretty sure the girls surprised quite a few people with what they were able to accomplish, especially being such a young group. This group is a special one, and I’m thankful for getting to coach them.” 

There’s no question that the Lady Tigers put in the work this season. The girls are going to keep hustling in the offseason and prepare to come out even stronger next season.