Girls Varsity Basketball · Senior Spotlight: Laila Goad

By: Krislyn McKinney

If you have ever been to a Friday night basketball game you know the energy is always crazy. It is a community event every night there is a home game. As high-school players will eventually graduate and leave the game of basketball. The school will always try to find ways to celebrate the seniors before they leave Union City. This time around we are celebrating the only senior girl on the basketball team, Laila Goad. 

Goad has attended Union City for most of her life and has always been in some type of athletics. Goad started playing basketball in 3rd grade, but it was not until around 7th grade she truly found the passion for the game.

Coach Anderson stated that “Laila is a great example of how hard work and commitment can lead to success.” He mentioned the countless hours she has spent in the gym working on her shot and other basketball skills. She is not only a threat on offense but Coach Anderson said an “extremely good defender”.  

Off the court, Laila works very hard in the classroom and is always respectful, helpful, and kind. Coach Anderson said “She is a great all-around person and basketball player. We are lucky to have her on our team.”

 Her favorite memory while playing is when she and Kailee Jackson hit a bunch of threes against Lomega. When asked if she had any personal goals for her last year she responded by saying that she wanted to score 25 points in a game. Goad said that she was going to miss her team and seeing them every day once she graduates high school. She also stated that “No one ever thinks that time will move as fast as it does. You feel like it will take forever for you to get out of high school, but it really won’t. So take your time, enjoy life, and make memories with your friends.”