Boys Varsity Basketball · Senior Spotlight: Kaydon Bornemann

By: Katelynn Parker 

All good things have to eventually end, and sadly this is the last basketball season for the class of 2021. So let’s take some time to celebrate them. Today we’re going to acknowledge our very own senior, Kaydon Bornemann. 

Kaydon Bornemann has been attending Union City Public Schools his entire life and has been very involved in various school activities. He has played basketball since the age of 6. 

Kaydon is someone who is very fun-loving and makes the best out of everything he does. So there is no question that his team loves him and will miss him very much. Junior, Jacob Kainrad said “ Kaydon is a hard worker, and almost out works every player on the team every single day. One thing that I’m going to miss about him is running over everyone in practice. He did say he got all of his moves from football.” If you don’t already know, Kaydon’s strength can get the best of him and he does accidentally plow some people down. 

Kaydon is one of the nicest people from this school and will undoubtedly do great things. Bornemann wants to be a famous musician one day. Alongside his extracurricular activities throughout high school, Kaydon can play some killer guitar. He plans on going to college for graphic design at Oklahoma State.

 Kaydon’s favorite basketball memory is when he got the chance to play with his older brother, Kevin Bornemann, at SWOSU. Kaydon is also student council Vice President. So here’s to Kaydon and all the work he puts in.